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Founded in 1984, the BIHWA aims  to promote the interests of British ice hockey, its writers, photographers and broadcasters.

On the left hand side of  this page, you will see the navigation  menu, where you will see  the various menus of the site. In the Awards sections you will find those categories that the members of the Association vote for each season, together with all the previous years winners.

We would strongly recommend that you visit the Hall of Fame pages and also the British Rosters since 1910. In the Hall of Fame you will find an informative biography on each of the members, most of them have a photo included on the page, honouring their role in British ice hockey. And in the British Rosters you can see a list of each British team over the last ninety years

In the News section, we publish official press releases from the various leagues and clubs together with news of the Great Britain National team. We also include a Guest Writer page where members offer thoughts and/or comment on a subject of their choice, the intention to stimulate debate and/or more widespread coverage of the subject. We also include a Photographic gallery where the professional photographers in the membership exhibit samples of their work.

We also include links to other hockey sites, which you may find useful.

Please feel free to wander through our site and should you have any comments or suggestions, please click on one of the contact boxes above.

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